What's in a name?

Our regular followers will have noticed that we name all of our Kombi’s. Of course, this is a polarising concept and the die hards amongst the Dub Scene are divided. Naming Kombi's - love or hate?

Our journey with Kombi’s started 20 years ago as Stuart arrived onto the drive with an old bay window Super Viking which had been painted badly with a paintbrush and tin of Dulux. Of course, despite my protestations as to the state of her, I was soon proved wrong as this ugly duckling was transformed into a beautiful swan that soon provided endless opportunities for endless fun and kombi frolics.

Upon completion we named her My Fanwy – Welsh for My Fine One. And she was fine indeed. She became a member of our family with her own personality. My Fanwy took us to festivals far and wide, housing friends in horrendous storms and as our vehicle of choice to party with friends far and wide at DubFest, Glastonbury and Run to the Sun to name but a few. In fact, this fine one took us across the UK and Europe, with so many tales and traumas that we have regaled for years to come. My Fanwy was fine by name and in nature and her name links all of our experiences to her in a single word.

Our splitty, Pyxie, was named before we bought her because of her registration plate and it’s her heritage so has stuck. And as with My Fanwy, her name suits her perfectly; she’s a minx with a wry smile and cheeky sparkle. And she has loved her travels. We put her in the back of our container from the UK with our furniture, and we plated her with PYX13 as soon as we landed.

Our first set of Kombi Frolics vehicles each came with their own stories, history and names. Some which were already there and some which we've named because of their stories. Recently one of our clients was chatting to us about one of our other buses about how she thought his sex was wrong and he was in fact a boy not a girl. Of course, she kept the name of her Kombi Frolics Kombi - it's who she is and is now linked to the memories she provides in a single word and makes them smile. Now tell me they don’t have personalities – of course they do!

Our Kombi Frolics vehicle owners love the stories behind their vehicles and the personalities that come with them. Of course, we’re always interested to hear if you have a different view.

And we're just about to welcome our next brazilian beauties which you'll be able to see on our website. Named? Of course! Meet Gus, Frankie, Daisy and Ernie.

…..what would you call them?

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