Why Kombi Frolics?

Us enjoying our Kombi Frolics

The term 'Frolic' originated in the 16th century, meaning ‘merry or cheerful’. I could finish the blog there. I mean, really, what better way to explain a journey in a Kombi than ‘merry and cheerful’?

For us Kombi Frolics means freedom; living our dreams at every opportunity. In our world, Frolics means having fun. And the Kombi is our enabler. Those who know us well will tell you we’re frolickers at our core; we love to have as much fun as we can – all the time. After all, life’s too short to build life around repetitive routine when we could be creating and sharing life changing experiences to remember – right?

Kombi Frolics is borne out of a search for and love of balance, offering people a way to achieve their goals with a smart investment which offers experiences in an affordable way. Our left hand drive Kombi, Pixie, provides the perfect reason and method of escaping.

We pre-book our camp sites (usually by the ocean) in advance, so there’s no excuses. Then, on a Thursday night, we pack her up ready to go. A bag of clothes each, some wine, a good book each, some sun lotion and the essentials; pillows, sleeping bag, kettle, teabags, two chairs and we’re good to go.

We realised that to enjoy the beauty of Australia, you don’t have to be a millionaire, you just need to find the right vehicle – and what better way than in a split screen Kombi. By bringing them back and making them affordable, our mission is to help other people find their balance, build their dreams - and their legacies.

So why Kombi Frolics?

For the love of Kombi’s. For the love of Australia. For the love of Life. And for the love of Frolics.

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