Kombi Frolics was conceived out of a long-standing passion for Kombi’s. My own journey began over 20 years ago when I bought and renovated my first bay window, which took my wife and I on journeys far and wide. In the UK, I became involved in the VW scene, DJ’ing at and visiting the world renowned Bug Jam and other Large VW events for a number of years. These experiences cemented my love of the scene and the vehicles, their individual personalities and technical nuances. Even in the most challenging of times, their ability to put a smile on faces knows no bounds. 


A few years later, due to the rarity and cost of right hand drive kombi's I bought my first left hand drive split screen, Pyxie, who travelled over the seas to join me in Australia. She’s had a few renovations along the way; still taking us on adventures and weekends away as often as we can, gathering visitors who talk at length, sharing their own personal journeys and nostalgia over a beer or two.


Stuart and Zoe Staples and their Split Screen Kombi, Pyxie after winning People's Choice in Toowoomba

For many years, people have been exporting Australian Kombi's overseas. It is my personal mission to bring them back; to find and search for Kombi’s that will give others the same pleasure as ours gives us; to enable people to create memories that will last a lifetime, passing the legacy from generation to generation. 
Kombi Frolics over the past years have been renovating and restoring Australian Kombi’s and had to find a source that could provide people with an opportunity to buy great value, high quality,  split screens and bay window kombi's and bring smiles to even more faces around this beautiful country.
we I travelled all over the world including UK, Europe and Brazil, a journey not for the faint hearted, fraught with danger, failed partnerships and hours of searching; working through the bureaucracy and challenges that come with only looking for the most solid buses to bring home.

My own experience of renovating and owning VW’s results in only the best outcomes for my clients, who know and trust that the vehicles they buy will be solid from bodywork, engines, paintwork and interiors with trusted kilometers and legal to drive on Australian roads.
This site is for those who love and have an interest in hiring a split screen Kombi – maybe Kombi Frolics can help you achieve your dream?